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Bamboo Safety Razor


It was once estimated that 2 billion disposable razors were used every year in the US. Statistics for the UK are a little hard to come by, but it's safe to assume the number used is in the tens or hundreds of millions. Although technically some of the materials used are recyclable, the fact that a disposable razor is a combination of plastic and a sharp metal blade means that all to often it ends up in landfill, even if put in the recycling.

Shoreline Saving's bamboo safety razors are a timeless eco-friendly & plastic-free alternative to disposable razors and is suitable for men and women. With a solid bamboo handle and chrome stainless steel head that fits all double edge blades, this is a razor that gives you the closest shave while being kind and gentle on your skin.

The razor is designed to last for life so although the upfront cost is higher than disposable razors it is worth it in the long run. Replacement razor blades can be purchased if you ever run out.

Product includes:

  • A reusable bamboo safety razor (available in Chrome Silver or Storm Grey)
  • A pack of Shark razor blades (5 blades in each pack)
  • A drawstring hessian bag to protect your razor
  • A simple user manual to show you how to fit the blades

How to use

Full instructions are included in this kit.

Used razors can be recycled, but for safety reasons we recommend you use a blade bank (coming soon on this site) to store used blades. When full simply put in your local recycling!

You must be 18 years or older to buy this product. It is illegal in the UK to purchase razor blades and razors when under the age of 18. By placing an order for this product, you are confirming you are over the age of 18.

How long do double-edged razor blades last?

The length of time a blade lasts all depends on how much you care for the blades, how often you use your razor, the length of your hair, and how your store the safety razor and blades. 

If you're shaving daily on a small-medium surface area (face, legs or underarms), we find Shark blades last up to 10 days before losing their edge. That means one pack of Shark blades (5 in each pack) will last you nearly two months. 

It's important to wipe down the blade after use and store your razor in a dry place. Please don't leave it in the bathroom, as moisture fills the room when you have a bath or shower. This will blunt the blade quicker.

Every one of our plastic-free and eco-friendly safety razors come with blades, so you won't need to purchase them for a while. When you need to restock, we sell replacement double-edged blades.

Caring for your eco-friendly safety razor

With a little care and maintenance, your safety razor could last you a lifetime. To ensure the longevity of your razor, it's important to wipe the razor down after use and store it in a dry place away from water and moisture. It's best to keep it out of the bathroom or in a cupboard that's tightly sealed when closed.

We provide a hessian travel bag with many of our razors, as it's robust and spacious enough to carry your razor, blades and other small shaving accessories. Place the razor head down into the hessian bag when storing. You can buy a travel bag here if you need one.


About Shoreline Shaving

Who is Shoreline Shaving?
Shoreline Shaving is made up of a team of people who’d like to try and change the way that men and women buy their shaving products.

Between us, we share the same ethics of plastic free, zero waste and buy natural. We’re all in our thirties and, well, it was about time we did something big that we could be proud of: improving our world a little bit.

Born out of the love of travel, beaches and the sea, and resentment for disposable plastic items, Shoreline Shaving aims to stop more unnecessary plastic making its way into our oceans.

Why are we selling plastic free bamboo razors?
More and more people are beginning to see the damage that short term plastic solutions inflict on our planet, and the need for quality, long lasting products is slowly becoming the spirit of our times.

Now it’s up to people like us to push it into the mainstream. And it’s not going to easy.

Whether it’s shaving legs, grooming beards or shaping hair, our bamboo handled razor is meant to last a lifetime. It might sound counter-productive for a business to say, but once you’ve got your plastic-free razor kit, we only expect to see you on our website every now and again -- when you need some new blades or soap.

Supporting the Ocean Cleanup
"The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization, developing advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic." As much as we prefer a proactive preventative approach, we fully support The Ocean Cleanup and it's progressive way of thinking. Click the link for more information on The Ocean Cleanup.

For every kit we sell, we'll donate 30p to The Ocean Cleanup.

So what now?
This might be a page about us, but it’s ultimately about you. If you’re new to the plastic free world or you’re just after a razor that looks pretty swish, then you’ve come to the right place.

Grow with us, shave with us. Keep those shorelines clean.

Thanks for supporting us and, most importantly, leaving the world of disposable razors behind.