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Stainless Steel Lunch Box - Single Tier

by Shole

Did you know, 1.2 billion metres of cling film is used in the UK every year?

The lightweight and leak-proof design of this lunch box means you will be able to take your lunches to work safe in the knowledge that you are doing your bit to save the planet.

  • 1400ml Capacity
  • Single-Tier Design
  • Leakproof
  • Plastic-Free Construction
  • Metal Lock Clasp
  • Comes with a removable divider to help you separate your food
  • Product is 21cm long, 16.5cm wide, 6cm high

Shole Tip: take your food container with you to your butchers or supermarket meat counter. Go plastic-free and ask them to use this instead of a plastic bag.


How to use

We recommend you clean your products before the initial use and after each use.

Clean with warm soapy water.

Rinse thoroughly and leave it to dry upside down.

For a deeper clean, try using a teaspoon of baking soda, warm water and a cleaning brush.

Please do not use abrasive products to clean your food flask.


About Shole

Plastic has become a material that we use on a daily basis, and when used correctly, it is perfect.  So let's clarify one thing to begin with, we are not against the use of plastic, we are against single-use plastics.

We're Shole, and we want to save the planet.

Created in 2019, Shole exists to help people kick their habit of single-use plastics, and swap them for much more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives.

We do things differently.

Our focus is to reduce the amount of plastic dumped into the oceans every year.  We do this not only through the products we sell, but throughout our supply chain.  Our packaging is 100% recyclable, made from recycled materials, and will be 100% plastic free.

We care.

This is why we set up.  We care about the oceans which by 2050 will contain more plastic than fish.  We care that the likelihood of coral becoming diseased increases from 4% to 89% once it comes into contact with marine plastics.  Plastics have made their way to ocean depths even humans are not yet able to visit